In November of 2017, we were fortunate enough to find our inspiration, a 6 week old chocolate lab named Maggie. Of course, just like any puppy she has a huge personality which has given her lots of nicknames. It has always been a passion for both of us to start a business and in May of 2018 we decided to do just that! We purchased a food trailer from NC that we fell in love with as soon as we stepped foot inside. We pondered on the name and logo for quite some time before realizing that it was in front of us all along, our sweet puppy Maggie. We decided to name the business as well as the menu items after all of her nicknames. Each of her nicknames represents her personality in a different way. As of June 2018, we have been inspected and are ready to get on the road. Follow us to find out more about this adventure!


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